Beware of OSHA…

September 16th, 2011 by JBWK

…but not because they’re inspecting your plant for safety violations.

OSHA has recently fined two employers (on the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars) and ordered the reinstatement of fired whistleblowers after OSHA found the companies violated Sarbanes-Oxley’s whistleblower protection provisions. Whistleblowers have had a notoriously difficult time prevailing under Sarbanes-Oxley’s protections, winning only a minute fraction of complaints filed.

With the growing number of whistleblower protection provisions sprinkled throughout federal law, there is almost certainly one covering you and your employees. Given the patchwork style of whistleblower protections, it is vital that employers understand which laws, if any, govern their industry or employees (and take internal complaints very seriously).


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