Legal Links

State Sites

Virginia Government
This site contains links to web pages for the Governor, the General Assembly, and Virginia courts.

Virginia General Assembly
This site contains information relating to Virginia’s General Assembly.

Office of the Attorney General
The Attorney General’s site offers a description of the role of Virginia’s Attorney General, opinions on the law issued by the Attorney General in the past three years, and summaries of special projects aimed at protecting Virginia’s citizens.

The Code of Virginia
This site provides access to Virginia’s general statutory law.

Virginia Administrative Code
This site provides access to Virginia’s state agency regulations.

Virginia’s Judicial System
This link allows you to view information about most cases in Virginia’s judicial system, court rules, and official court forms.

Tracking the Virginia General Assembly
This link allows you to learn about bills as they proceed through Virginia’s legislature.

Federal Sites

The United States Code
This site provides access to the Code of Laws of the United States of America, organized by topic.

US Congress Legislative Site
This site provides details about pending federal bills and laws.

Federal Digital System
This site provides access to the Code of Federal Regulations, the Congressional Record, the Congressional Reports, the United States Code and opinions from the United States Courts.